Project finished December 2021






Since March 2021 there has been a new project in the Klanggerüst: “Change my Mind - Ilversgehofen - Diversity makes neighborhoods”. During this project, the Klanggerüst e.V. is taking a close look at its own cultural work and questioning the usual guidelines and decision-making processes in with focus on cultural diversity.“Change My Mind” is aiming to promote unity in the district as well as making diversity more tangible for the population of Ilversgehofen.

A “Dialogue of Diversity” is being created as part of the project. Here Ilversgehofen exchanges ideas on the topics of diversity and participation. It will be an open forum for interests, for wishes for the development of the district, as well as for collecting ideas for events that will be taking place in summer of 2021.

The “Dialogue of Diversity” is an attempt to showcase life in the district of Ilversgehofen in all its diversity. It provides different perspectives on life in Ilversgehofen, while allowing to engage the residents that live here broadly and directly. The aim is to represent as many perceptions of life in the district as possible. We want to provide a space to exchange experiences and discuss how this diversity can also be represented in everyday life in Ilversgehofen.


The participants will assemble in the Kontor Erfurt on three separate dates, followed by an additional reflection event. Using various methods, the district population and those who shape the district culture will exchange ideas about wishes and necessities regarding to social participation in Ilversgehofen. The discussion is moderated and documented by "graphic recording". In order to enable access and participation in the dialogue for all interested parties, we can offer you support in the form of child care, interpreting (spoken & signs), driving services, etc. Please inform us if you are planning on rely on this offer, during your registration process. The venue is barrier-free.

The first dialogue will bare the title “Who are you? Ilversgehofen as our guest“ and will take place on June 14th. from 4 to 8 p.m. The dates for the two following dialogues as well as a final reflection event will be set in consultation with those present.

Take an active part in shaping your district and work with us to create an open space that reflects the needs, interests and desires of the people in our diverse district. Together with the Klanggerüst e.V., you will realize exciting events for Ilversgehofen. We look forward to meeting you!



Inspired by "Diversity Arts Culture" we have compiled a "Diversity Suitcase" with thematically appropriate brochures and flyers as well as information materials as a result of the project. This is a suitcase for self-study for further examination of mainly popular science texts and children's literature, but also CDs and DVDs. The content of these materials touches on diversity and participation issues such as discrimination, inclusion or intersectionality.
The suitcase or the materials can be borrowed from Klanggerüst e.V.. Please send an email to: or contact us via the "Kontaktformular".



Ilversgehofen's district residents and interest groups met on 14 June at Kontor Erfurt to exchange views on needs and wishes for the future of their district at the first of three "Dialogues of Diversity". The aim of the event was first of all to record the status quo, whereby criticism was also voiced alongside ideas and visions regarding the development of Ilversgehofen. Examples include the classification of Magdeburger Allee as a "dangerous place"; the change in the district due to housing construction, which tends to appeal to the upper middle class and is not affordable for people currently living in Ilversgehofen; and the tension between socio-cultural activities, district revitalisation and the residents' need for peace and quiet. The vision for the development of the district, which became clear from the round of talks with the approximately 25 participants, is: "A smaller coexistence and a larger togetherness".

At the second "Dialogue of Diversity" on Monday, 5 July from 5 to 8 p.m., the topics discussed in the first dialogue will be deepened and supplemented by interesting contributions from experts.


A lot happened at the second "Dialogue of Diversity" on 05.07. at Kontor Erfurt! In addition to an interesting input by Ralf Uwe Beck from Mehr Demokratie e.V., selected "best practice examples" for the for the implementation of participation in city districts as well as intergenerational and low-threshold event formats from different cities were presented. For example the Freiraumgalerie Halle and its Bürgerpark & the art and culture stage Guten-Morgen-Eberswalde.

With fresh energy, the work in the small groups was also continued. The participants had the opportunity to pick up and think about ideas for exciting and diverse projects for the district. We would like to mention here the redesign of the Ilversgehofener Platz as a central place to meet and get together; light installations on the walls of houses, which let Ilversgehofen shine in new colors as well as a "Day of Good Living" in at least one street of the district as a literal street festival by and for residents with dance, music and theater.

We are looking forward to continuing to think about these ideas at the next event on July 12 under the motto "Celebrating Diversity" and taking the first planning steps towards implementing them in September and October.



The third and for the time being last "Dialogue of Diversity" took place on July 12 at Kontor Erfurt. Two groups continued to work on the ideas for event formats in Ilversgehofen that had already been considered in the previous dialogue. The redesign of the Ilvergehofener Platz as a central place to come together as well as an art action, which should artistically reinterpret the danger branding of the district as the main critic point of the participants, were the focus of the work.

Two concrete event formats have thus emerged from the third "Dialogue of Diversity" which will be implemented in the district in September and October. On the one hand, various light projections are to be installed in Ilversgehofen in cooperation with the art program of the University of Erfurt, which will express the needs of the district & the population. On the other hand, on the first weekend of September, an "Ilversgehofener-Wochenende" (engl. Ilversgehofener weekend), is to be held as part of a friends and family festival on the Ilversgehofener Platz. This is intended to highlight the Ilversgehofener Platz as a central place to come together. The "Ilversgehofener - Wochenende" (engl. Ilversgehofener weekend) will include an acoustic evening on Friday and a family festival followed by a movie night on Saturday. Sunday will be deliberately kept open to give the citizens and actors of the district the opportunity to contribute with their own suggestions. Furthermore, a survey will be conducted in the district to find out what is desired in the long term in the district (chess field, barbecue areas, etc.) and can be implemented as a permanent installation in Ilversgehofen.

We would like to say a huge thanks to all participants, district creators, idea bringers & visionaries who were part of the dialogues! We are looking forward to further cooperation and are happy to take the first organisational steps towards the implementation of the envisioned event formats!


From 03.09.-05.09. a cultural happening took place on the Ilversgehofener Platz. Culture goes Europe e.V., the Kindergarten Vollbrachtfinken, the Contineo Bookstore, Kontakt in Krisen e.V., the Citizens' Council, the Naturfreundejugend and many others invited the residents of the district and all interested people to three days of varied program.

On Friday, the weekend was kicked off with an acoustic music evening. Musicians had the opportunity to represent on an open stage and inspire the audience with acoustic music. Saturday promised plenty of variety with a children's family day featuring cake and culture. Young and old could exchange ideas and enjoy the sunny day together while doing experiments, playing sports and, of course, enjoying an original Thuringian grilled sausage (or grilled cheese for the vegetarians). In the evening selected short films were shown. On Sunday, a guided tour through Ilversgehofen gave the opportunity to take a closer look at its history and present. The weekend ended with a quiz and various creative workshops on the Ilversgehofen square.

We would like to thank all co-organizers, participants and culture lovers for a wonderfully colorful and varied weekend!


From October 20-23, an art action took place along Magdeburger Allee, where, in addition to shop window installations, façade projections and new forms of digital, interactive productions were also shown. The exhibition was free of charge and involved a number of well-known Erfurt artists as well as cultural actors, social institutions and retailers from the north. They were all united by the positive view and the multifaceted commitment to the developing district.

The following artists presented their work: Christoph Blankenburg, Martin Fink,
Susanna Hanna, Silvan Haselbach, Mira, Judith Rautenberg and Rosemarie Weinlich.
In addition, students from the Department of Art showed digital works that deal
with the district of Ilversgehofen and were created under the direction of e-learning lecturer Matthias Fritz.
Learning lecturer Matthias Fritz. Also on display was the exhibition of the citizens' advisory council "From Kitchen Village to District of Creatives" in the Ilvers Musikbar, where there was also a finale with music and champagne on the opening evening of the art action. Other exhibitors of digital art are the Christian Association of Young People in Erfurt (YMCA), Kontakt in Krisen e.V., Youth Garage e.V., the district office Magdeburger Allee, the jewelry design workshop dEtAil and the Contineo bookstore.

The aim of the art action was to put the stigmatization of the district Ilversgehofen as "Erfurt danger zone" up for discussion again and to direct the view through the artistic glasses to what is lived in Ilversgehofen and what characterizes the colorful district: Residents, shopkeepers and artists who feel comfortable here, who can be creative here and create. Because in the daily and diverse togetherness in Erfurt's north, there are no dangers lurking behind the corners, but authentic spaces of possibility and a diverse togetherness.

“Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself. Do not fear mistakes. There are none.”
– Miles Davis


04. März 2021

Our application to the Fond Soziokultur e.V. for the project "Change my mind - Ilversgehofen - Diversity and Participation in Erfurt North" has been approved!
Wow, now it's time to get started: From March to September 2021, we will ask ourselves how diverse we are as an association and how our current event offerings reflect the diversity of our neighborhood. How can we make diversity a topic in our association and promote it in Ilversgehofen, so that the different perspectives on life find representation in the Klanggerüst and Ilversgehofen?*


22. März 2021

In March we dedicate ourselves to research work around Ilversgehofen's infrastructure, social structure and history, in order to record the status quo of the district and to be able to take the first steps towards development planning based on the knowledge gained.
Who lives in Ilversgehofen, what are the life stories of the people here, how do people vote, what is the history of the neighborhood, how do citizen dialogues work and where does the name Ilversgehofen actually come from? These are all questions that will keep us busy researching and which we will examine closely.


30. März 2021

In the two-part workshop series "ZukunftsWERTstatt", the designers of Klanggerüst e.V. scrutinized their own cultural work on March 30 and April 13 and asked themselves the following questions:
How inclusive is the association really? Which values determine the work in the association and how can these be integrated even more sustainably into the structure of the association? Is the social structure and diversity of the district reflected in what the association offers? How can the work of Klanggerüst have a greater impact on the district?
We are looking forward to implementing the topics discussed in the workshop in our association's work in the future!


29. April 2021

In a network meeting we met with cultural actors and stakeholders of the district to present the new project.
And to our great delight we found out - the cultural scene of Ilversgehofen wants to support us. We are looking forward to a good cooperation and to welcoming new as well as some familiar faces in the dialogue!


21. Mai 2021

We are giving out the first invitations to the "Dialogue of Diversity" in Ilversgehofen!
In randomly selected mailboxes of the residents of Ilversgehofen our letter invitations for the first Dialog der Vielfalt will be dropped today. We are curious to see how many responses there will be.


01. Juni 2021

In order to make the topic of diversity and participation more tangible and, above all, easier to reach, we have started to collect selected reading material, films and music in our "Diversity Suitcase ". This will be freely available to all interested parties for lending and/or browsing at Klanggerüst.


04. Juni 2021

Method coach Marcus Berger helped us refresh our knowledge of methods!
In a four-hour method training with method coach Marcus Berger, we refreshed our knowledge on individual workshops, methodology & teamwork. We are grateful and feel ready for the first dialogue!


14. Juni 2021

The first "Dialogue of Diversity " took place under the motto "Who are you? Ilversgehofen as a guest" at Kontor Erfurt.
After an introduction of the project, a short input on the topic of diversity and getting to know each other, the participants discussed the current state of Ilversgehofen as well as wishes, needs and visions for the district. We are happy about the interesting exchange and are looking forward to going into depth with you in "Round Two"!


05. Juli 2021

The second "Dialogue of Diversity" took place at Kontor Erfurt under the motto
"Let´s dig deep".

Ralf Uwe Beck from Mehr Demokratie e.V., gave an interesting input on participatory democracy in Thuringia. Afterwards, the participants collected ideas for cultural and diverse events in Ilversgehofen based on previously formulated visions for the district. We are excited about your great ideas and look forward to "Round Three"!


12. Juli 2021

The third "Dialogue of Diversity" took place under the motto "Celebrating Diversity" at Kontor Erfurt.
With fresh energy, the small groups continued to work on the event formats envisioned in the previous dialogue. The plans are: an art action in Ilversgehofen that with the help of various light installations should express the needs of the district & a festival at the Ilversgehofener Platz to highlight it as a central place of coming together.
Something is coming up - we are looking forward to it!

05. August 2021

On 05.08. the second network meeting for the "Ilversgehofener - Weekend" took place!
We are incredibly happy that so many actors of the north of Erfurt and also participants from the dialogues are helping us planning this event. We are excited! What about you?


03. September 2021

The Ilversgehofener weekend was kicked off with an acoustic music evening at Ilversgehofener Platz. We are happy about the community spirit and diversity that made this evening a successful event!


04. September 2021

The children and family festival on Saturday was a great opportunity to address the desire for more a closer togeth in the district. Here, young and old came together at various To Do's, got to know each other and spent the sunny day together.


05. September 2021

The guided tour through Ilversgehofen was a great opportunity to get to know the district from a different perspective and to learn more about its history. Afterwards, the participants could give free rein to their own creativity at various workshops on the Ilversgehofener Platz.


20. Oktober 2021

From October 20-23, it is worthwhile to walk along Magdeburger Allee after dark, because "Ilversgehofen. EIn Viertel Gefahr! Drei Viertel Kunst!" will take place.

On display will be shop window installations, façade projections and new forms of digital art as well as interactive productions. "Ein Viertel Gefahr! Dreiviertel Kunst!" does not simply stage Magdeburger Allee with art, but invites visitors to focus on what is already there: people who feel comfortable here, who can be creative here. Because in Erfurt's north, it is not the dangers that lurk behind the corners, but a diverse togetherness.


10. November 2021

In order to thank everyone involved in the project "Change my mind - participation and diversity in the north of Erfurt" for their support and to celebrate the end of the project, a closing event was held at Kontor Erfurt on November 10, 2021.

The event gave space to review the project and the resulting events, to reflect on the experience and to celebrate common milestones. In addition, the demands formulated in the Dialogues of Diversity were presented and discussed. The demands will then be handed over to the city of Erfurt.


22. Februar 2022

A catalog of demands is presented to Tobias Knoblich, head of cultural town development at the Erfurt administration.
One more important milestone for a better Ilversgehofen is reached by handing over the catalog of demands in front of the city hall in the presence of the local press. The catalog is the result of the dialogues of diversity an the complete project "change my mind". A total number of 17 institutions and private people have signed it.


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